At Lil' Atelier, we understand the privilege that we have as a company, and how small actions can create a big impact when tackling social challenges. We strive to help when we can and are passionate about giving back to the community. Lil' Atelier are proud to announce our partnership with Thread Together, an Australian non-profit organisation, that protects the environment and supports the community.

Lil' Atelier will be donating end of line new clothing to Thread Together, who will organise to redistribute and supply clothing to people and communities in need across the country keeping garments in circulation and reducing potential waste and landfill. This provides these individuals with the dignity they deserve. The team at Thread Together works to deliver a tailored service to each person, whilst tackling the textile waste problem in Australia.

Some members in the community that may receive the clothing include those in emergency accommodation, like women’s refuges; or who are experiencing homelessness, the unemployed, the under-employed and working poor; to pensioners and those dependent on social security, people suffering mental illness or disabilities, those in foster care, youth at risk, prisoners on remand, Indigenous persons living in impoverished conditions, refugees, asylum-seekers, and migrant workers, and the victims of natural disasters.

Since partnering with Thread Together, Lil' Atelier has already helped over 1000 people access new clothing. 

By supporting Thread Together, we are empowering those who have been marginalised by circumstance and not by choice. Click here to learn more about Thread Together and the amazing work that they do!